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Robert M. Herrera

Prior to partnering to start HH Legal, Inc, Robert worked as a defense attorney representing the interest of workers’ compensation insurance companies. He has represented insurance companies and third-party administrators such as Argonaut Insurance, Old Republic Indemnity, York Risk Services, Gallagher Basset, Sedgwick, and ESIS as well as self-insured employers. With a background as an insurance defense attorney has the experience that allows him to provide strategic representation on behalf of injured employees as he is familiar and knowledgable of the tactics insurance companies utilize to minimize claimant’s recovery.

Prior to entering the workers’ compensation field, Robert worked in the criminal law field. Robert has worked at both the Public Defender and District Attorney’s office. While with the Public Defender’s office he worked in the DUI courts, handling over 400 DUI cases as well as domestic violence, theft, and possession cases.

Erwin Hui

Prior to partnering with Iglow and Bachrach, Erwin practiced plaintiff and defense side civil litigation. He has represented injured parties against Fortune 100 companies (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Liberty Mutual, Citigroup).

In addition to his experience in business and real estate litigation, Erwin has represented workers who are injured in the state of California. Having a litigation background and a desired fulfillment in representing people who struggle to understand the insurance and legal system, he will advocate to get you your compensation.