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Workers Compensation Lawyers in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley

Established in 1976

Iglow & Bachrach was established in 1976 in Beverly Hills, California. It began when attorney, Robert Iglow, who had been practicing insurance defense, decided to switch sides and began representing the employees. He was joined by attorney, Don Bachrach in launching their firm.

Highly Regarded

In the decades since, Messrs. Iglow & Bachrach have become known as two of the most highly regarded workers compensation lawyers in Los Angeles. Their portfolio of represented employees includes almost every California industry: agriculture, aerospace manufacturing, medical/hospitals, shipping & logistics, hospitality/hotels, food and many more.

47+ Years Serving Greater LA

In 2018, attorneys, Robert Herrera and Erwin Hui, combined their law practice with Iglow and Bachrach to create a firm of worker comp lawyers Los Angeles. Mr. Herrera and Mr. Hui came from different legal backgrounds, diversifying Iglow & Bacharach’s fields of law and expertise. Mr. Herrera was a defense attorney who defended employers and insurance companies. Mr. Hui was a civil business litigator who represented employers in adverse lawsuits.

Aggressive, Professional Representation

Messers. Hui and Herrera introduced a new style of representation, that, when combined with Iglow & Bacharach’s decades of knowledge and experience, made for aggressive representation, demonstrated by a 98% success rate with over $500 million in settlements.

These Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley workers compensation lawyers now present a style of representation that’s known for being aggressive while maintaining professionalism and a respectable name before the court.

Los Angeles Worker Compensation Attorneys

Robert Iglow, iglow, Bachrach & Herrera

Robert Iglow

In 1976, Mr. Iglow left his position as a defense attorney to pursue his passion  fighting for people, rather than the corporations. In the past forty-six years, he has received over 5,000 case victories and personally recovered 100 million dollars for injured workers.
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Don Bachrach

Don Bachrach

Prior to co-founding this firm, Mr. Bachrach practiced entertainment law. He provided superior, aggressive representation to ensure client success. Applying the same representation here, he has procured thousands of favorable results for injured workers.
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Erwin Hui

Mr. Hui, a California Native, understood the difficulties of those who grew up unable to read or speak English. It is for this reason he became  an attorney, zealously advocating  for the compensation and treatment his clients are legally entitled to and deserve,
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Robert Herrera - Managing Partner, Iglow, Bachrach & Herrera

Robert Herrera

Mr. Herrera is Managing Partner of the firm. He specializes in advocating for employees in workers’ compensation claims. His prior experience provides insight on how insurance carriers fight against employees, giving the firm an aggressive edge other firms cannot provide.
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