Erwin Hui

Work Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles

Mr. Hui, a California Native, has always understood the difficulties for those who grew up in the United States without the ability to read or speak English. It is for this reason that Erwin sought to become a lawyer, and represent those unable to represent themselves.Prior to partnering with Iglow and Bachrach, Mr. Hui practiced plaintiff and defense side civil litigation and criminal defense.

He has represented injured parties against Fortune 100 companies (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Liberty Mutual, Citigroup). In addition to his experience in business and real estate litigation and trial, Erwin has directed his focus to that of a work injury lawyer in Los Angeles, representing workers who are injured in the state of California.

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Having litigation and trial experience and a desired fulfillment as a LA workers comp attorney representing people who struggle to understand the insurance and legal system, he will zealously advocate to get you the compensation and treatment you’re entitled to.

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