Robert Herrera

Managing Partner

Robert Herrera is the Managing Partner at Iglow, Bachrach & Herrera, where, as a Los Angeles and San Fernado Valley workers compensation lawyer, he specializes in advocating for employees in workplace accident claims, Serious & Willful misconduct claims and claimed violations of California Labor Code §132a (retaliation termination). He has extensive experience as a Los Angeles workplace accident lawyer and also handles issues related to employment law and FEHA.

Defense Experience Counts

Prior to partnering with IBH, Mr. Herrera litigated on the defense side representing employers and insurance carriers against workers’ compensation claims.

Robert Herrera - Managing Partner, Iglow, Bachrach & Herrera

Contact: (909) 532-1000

Mr. Herrera represented a wide array of clients comprised of school districts, manufacturers, temporary employment agencies, public entities, and grocers. This experience provides Mr. Herrera with insight on how insurance carriers fight against employees, and thus gives our firm an aggressive edge that other firms cannot provide.

Aggressive Litigator Of Complex Claims

Mr. Herrera is an aggressive litigator. He specializes in high exposure and complex claims for his clients. He has a great affinity for the art of the cross-examination of expert witnesses, including physicians and future earning capacity experts. He prides himself in being able to obtain the best possible results, whether it be placing himself in a position for the best possible settlement, or obtaining a Findings and Award in a Trial.

In 2017, Mr. Herrera was selected as a Pasadena “Top Lawyer” in Workers’ Compensation by Pasadena Magazine.

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